Pie Chart

There are many variations of CBD, all targeting different functions in our endocabinoid system (ECS). This pie chart illustrates many of the functions and the difference between TINCTURES, TERPENES and FULL SPECTRUM CBD oil.  Full Spectrum oils (FSO’s) trigger the ECS  in a broader spectrum. Health benefits can increase using a fuller spectrum.

Tinctures use a different extraction method and can be very effective in igniting much of the ECS but in a less broad profile.

Our Terp X5 uses terpenes or extra organic plant materials for added health benefits. We add Valerian root that can help lower stress and anxiety as well as Melatonin. Both can result with a better sleep along with the benefits of CBD, igniting our ECS.

Knowing your goals helps you determine which product and dose of CBD is best for you. Usage is based on your general health, age, stress level, body weight and other perspectives.