Dr. Jack's CBD Relief Capsules

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Dr. Jack’s CBD™ Relief Capsules
30 Count

Dr. Jack’s CBD™ Relief is designed to relieve general aches and may reduce inflammation.  CBD Relief capsules contain cannabidiol in a small crystalline form; the most potent form of CBD. Can ignite the ECS.  May positively effect mood, lowering stress, immune system, strength, bone growth, balance and more. Takes 7-10 days to feel full effects.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Hemp Extract, Arnica Powder, Acai Powder, Curcumin 95%, Rice Flour.

Non GMO • Certified Organic
Third Party Batch Tested • FDA Registered Manufacturing
Highest Level Manufacturing Practices

Knowing your goals helps you determine which product and dose of CBD is best for you. Usage is based on your general health, age, stress level, body weight and other perspectives.

These products are not FDA approved and we are not claiming that this cream can cure or treat any of the conditions mentioned above or on this website. The US government owns the patent on CBD, patent #6630507. This patent is not new, in fact it was applied for in 1999 and granted in 2003 to the US Department of Health and Human Services. To read a quick summary on what this patent contains please click on the link below.